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Wire Binding Documents Tips

Wire Binding Documents Tips For Binding Office Documents

Wire Binding Documents Tips for all you need to know – Wire Binding documents can be a little trickier to master than comb binding documents, here are some wire binding documents tips to make your wire binding easier and produce neater documents. How to get started for Wire Binding Documents Tips First off make sure… Read More

Comb Binding Tips

Comb Binding Tips For Binding Office Documents

Comb binding tips all you need to know – Comb Binding is fairly simple but some things are easily overlooked so here are some comb binding tips to make your document comb binding easier. How to get started for Comb Binding Tips First off make sure you are comfortable when binding this is especially helpful when… Read More

How to bind A5 booklets

How to bind A5 Booklets and A3 Documents for home and office

Now you can learn how to bind A5 Booklets! Not all documents are A4 however with a little bit of extra effort documents of various sizes can be bound. You just need to make sure the materials are the right size and that your binding machine is up to the task. Please note the below methods… Read More

How to wire bind a calendar

How to wire bind a calendar using a calendar hanger

How to wire bind a calendar for your office or home is very easy. You’ll need a Wire Binding Machine (with disengageable dies) and Metal Wire (approximately 8mm). Next a calendar punch and a calendar hanger to bind your very own fully professional calendars. It’s very simple for long-runs of conventional calendars or short-runs for… Read More

SB136 Steelbind Thermal Binding Machine

What Is Thermal Steelbinding?

Thermal Steelbinding is our premium binding method. In contrast to conventional comb and wire binding there is no punching required which not only makes binding easier but also produces a smarter and more professional finish to your documents. The Thermal Steelbinding Covers consist of a metal spine with a coloured leathergrain texture. The inside of… Read More

Binding Machine Sale NZ

Comb Binding and Wire Binding Machine Comparison Guide

This guide is to help customers compare and choose between the comb binding and wire binding machines. I recently wrote a guide to help you choose the right binding method, which you can read here. Once you have decided on which binding method best suits your needs, you will need to purchase the relevant binding machine…. Read More

Binding methods Guide NZ

Binding Methods Guide – Choosing the Right Binding Method

This binding methods guide will help you decide on the best binding method for your specific needs. As documents are bound for a variety of different reasons, it is important to choose the correct method for your individual requirements. Below is an overview of our top binding methods you can purchase today. Contact our team if… Read More