This binding methods guide will help you decide on the best binding method for your specific needs. As documents are bound for a variety of different reasons, it is important to choose the correct method for your individual requirements. Below is an overview of our top binding methods you can purchase today. Contact our team if you require any further help or advice.

Plastic Comb Binding – Cheapest Option

When it comes to choosing cost friendly binding methods, plastic comb binding is definitely one of the best options available. Plastic comb binding is the most economical choice with a wide choice of comb colours and sizes available. Comb binding is great when binding large documents as our combs go up to 51 mm (450 sheets 80 gsm). However comb binding provides an amateur looking finish when compared to Metal Wire and Thermal Steelbinding.

Recommended use:

When looking for the cheapest way to bind simple internal or large documents.


Holes are punched using a binding machine and a plastic comb is used to hold the document together with a Leathergrain Back and Clear Cover generally used.

Metal Wire Binding – Balanced Option

Metal Wire binding is the next step up from Plastic Comb binding and although the method is similar, a Metal Wire holds the document together. Compared against comb binding, wire bound documents look superior and are more durable. However you are limited to what sized documents you can bind on certain machines and there are fewer colours available to choose from.

Recommended Use:

When binding important documents and looking for a balance between a professional finish and cost.


Holes are punched using a binding machine and a Metal Wire is used to hold the document together with a Leathergrain Back and Clear Cover generally used.

Thermal Steelbinding – Premium Option

Our last and most premium binding solution is Thermal Steelbinding. Thermal Steelbinding uses a different method to comb and wire binding which is simpler and faster to produce bound documents. Thermal Steelbinding far surpasses comb and wire bound documents giving both a modern and professional finish. However Thermal Steelbinding is the most expensive option per bound document.

Recommended Use:

When looking for a premium way to bind documents, especially those given externally to customers or prospects.


Place document in Steelbind Cover and place on machine. The machine heats the cover which melts glue in the spine, binding the document. No front or backs are required. Learn more in our dedicated Thermal Binding page.

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